August 2009

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Bingo Lotto 2009

Bingo Lotto is back and can help raise funds to support dancing in England
Bingo Lotto in partnership with CCPR and Tesco will be launching a live TV Bingo game and prize draw.  It will air weekly on Virgin 1 from 13th September.  Participants will be able to buy a Gamecard for £2 from any Tesco till point in Britain allowing them to play alongside the TV game that offers multiple chances to play and win. 
20% of all proceeds made by the sale of the bingo lotto tickets will go directly to the CCPR, (which EADA is affiliated to), and then will be available to EADA to help support dancing at a grassroots level.

Entry deadline for the Midlands

Please note that there is a strict closing date for the Midlands Competition organised by John Knight at the Tower Ballroom on 5th October.  The deadline for entries is Saturday 19th September and entries must include EADA registration numbers for all Amateurs in the NRE. Entries must to be made too: Tony Hunnisett, Tel/Fax: 01564 779267, email: tony [at] dancextras [dot] co [dot] uk


Styrian Open 09

Ian Saville and Linda Chatterley competed in the ballroom events at the IDSF Styrian Open in Schladming, Austria at the end of July. They came 21st in Senior 2 out of 126 couples, and 30th in Senior 1 out of 100 couples.  Well done

Leatherhead comp Aug 09

Leatherhead Sunday 9th August

by Pat Fortin

We had a really good day and it was a busy competition, with lots of good dancing.

World Youth 10-dance

Congratulations to Jonas Kazlauskas and Jasmine Chan who have been selected to represent England in the IDSF World Youth 10-Dance Championship in Moscow, Russia on 24th October.

World Junior II Ballroom Championship

Congratulations to Michael Foskett & Carla Garratt and Alex Pritchard & Chloe Hewitt who have been selected to represent England in the World Junior II Ballroom Championships in Jyväskylä, Finland on 19th September.  We wish them good luck.

No change to 8th November Amateur 10-dance NRE

 The Amateur 10-dance NRE on 8th November will now NOT be moving to 10th October. Following the realisation that changing the NRE to the London Championships created problems for our members, the 2 Richards have returned it to their original event at Nantwich. We thank them for their consideration and hope that it gets well supported. Apologies for any confusion caused.