David & Mary have returned from a hectic few days in Macau at the IDSF AGM.  A full report with complete details will appear shortly, but the main headlines appear below:
- An under 21 category is to be introduced (Youth will remain as it is)
- Senior I 10-dance; Senior II Latin; and Senior III Ballroom are to be introduced.  However Senior events will all be open and Senior III will be defined as one half of the partnership over 55 and one half over 45.
- Music for dances must be 1mins30-2mins in length and the minimum time between rounds will be 15mins (10mins was initially suggested)
- There will be a set size for a couple's number; couples will not be permitted to reduce the size of their number.
- Couples will need to wait 8 months before changing the country they represent unless both Amateur Associations agree this is not necessary.
- The IDSF are hoping to have dancesport included in the 2020 Olympics, although there are concerns from the IOC about the scoring system
Motions that did not get passed included:  renaming Senior,  Adult II, Adult III etc; changing the criteria for being able to represent your country and imposing a strict dress code for IDSF judges.  More information can be found on the IDSF website.
There were many close decisions and we are grateful to David & Mary for representing the interests of English dancers.