Bingo Lotto 2009

Bingo Lotto is back and can help raise funds to support dancing in England
Bingo Lotto in partnership with CCPR and Tesco will be launching a live TV Bingo game and prize draw.  It will air weekly on Virgin 1 from 13th September.  Participants will be able to buy a Gamecard for £2 from any Tesco till point in Britain allowing them to play alongside the TV game that offers multiple chances to play and win. 
20% of all proceeds made by the sale of the bingo lotto tickets will go directly to the CCPR, (which EADA is affiliated to), and then will be available to EADA to help support dancing at a grassroots level.

The pilot series in 2008 raised over £100,000 for governing bodies of sport and recreation in the UK.  EADA was awarded £1000 last year to help train teachers to teach Ballroom and Latin in schools.  The idea has been developed from a show in Sweden which was launched 15 years ago and has raised over £1 Billion for sports clubs and charities.