new scoring system

IDSF propose a new scoring system
EADA President attends the first presentation of the IDSF's proposal for a revised scoring system.

The IOC has asked the IDSF to review the scoring system for their Dancesport championships as they consider inclusion of Dancesport in the Olympics in 2020.  On August 23rd, at the end of the German Open, representatives from Amateur and Professional Associations were asked to attend a meeting in Stuttgart to see, and comment on, the IDSF’s first presentation of a revised scoring system for their events.  We are proud that David Corfield attended as a representative of EADA and, as the only British representative present, we are grateful that he was able to attend and air concerns.  The system that was proposed would be more in line with ice-dance awarding technical marks for certain figures, deductions for mistakes and couples dancing each dance on their own from the semi.  Many concerns were raised from those present to ensure that this system would be viable and would be a fair system of comparing couples.  There was a lively discussion and feedback and comments were given to the IDSF, who are reviewing the system even further. 
The Presentation can be found on the IDSF website