Dutch Open "Assen"

The Dutch  "Assen" competition has now been recognised as Open
All couples are now free to compete in Assen 2009 - it is no longer an IDSF unrecognised event .  The EADA President has stated "I am delighted that all couples will now be able to dance in this prestigious and long standing championship, congratulations to all concerned in resolving this matter."
IDSF's press release

NADB president Loek Hogenhout and Fred Bijster Stichting Dans Internationaal (SDI), organizer of the Dutch Open Championships, have signed an agreement which makes it possible that ALL COUPLES are free to compete during Assen 2009. In this agreement both parties have agreed that:

  • All amateur dancers/couples that enter the Assen competitions will be registered by NADB. NADB will check the correctness and completeness of this process.
  • Couples that do not have an international IDSF-registration will be registered by NADB as a couple dancing under the Dutch flag
  • All amateur competitions in Assen will be run under NADB Rules and Regulations.