Yorkshire Guernsey festival

By Robin Escolme
Well done to Andrew Escolme and Amy-Louise Baker for winning the Under-21 Event
at the Yorkshire Guernsey Festival this weekend. It's the first time we've been
and we'll certainly be going again next year - Jamie and Vanessa and all their
helpers put on a great event. There were many other English competitors dancing
and well done to Alejandro Hernandez and Kerri-Ann Donaldson, and Ben Hardwick
and Lucy Jones who were 2nd and 6th respectively in the IDSF International Open
Latin, and the Guernsey Open Amateur Latin Championship, and many
congratulation to Marco Cavallaro and Joanne Clifton who won both the IDSF
International Open Ballroom and the Guernsey Open Amateur Ballroom

Congratulations also to Dan Baxter and Janine Desai, Ian Saville and Linda
Chatterley, and James and Rachel Barron, who made it a 1st 2nd and 3rd for
England in the IDSF Senior Open Standard; Ralph Casson and Claire Duckworth;
Steve and Tina Holes and Michael Brown and Katie Williams who were 2nd, 5th and
6th in the IDSF Senior 1 Open Latin; and also to Steve and Tina Holes, Michael
Brown and Katie Williams and Gordon and Deborah Maguire who were 2nd and 5th in the IDSF Senior 2 Open Latin. And finally well done to Ian Saville and Linda
Chatterley who won the IDSF Senior 2 Open Standard. There were other comps as
well with English competitors but I'm afraid I didn't write them all down!

There was a great party afterwards and I have to say congratulations to Linda
Bellinger for getting everyone up and dancing with a tremendous display of
energy after a long weekend!