EADA Website hiatus

EADA's webmaster sincerely apologises for the long outage of the website.  We are making every effort to make sure this does not happen again.

Why did it happen?

The new website was built on a temporary server provided by another provider, as the old server did not support the Content Management System (or any CMS for that matter) that we wished to move to.  There was then a physical hardware failure on the server.

Why did it take so long to fix?

Unfortunately the provider was not as reliable as first thought (the webmaster had a server there for over a year without problem), and it took a long time over Christmas and New Year to get any response from them at all when the machine went down.  This took nearly two weeks.

Basically then we needed to recover the data to restore it to a new website, which took even longer, as the only option was to courier the disk, and this then was lost in the snow and chaos for over a week as well, before finally arriving at the right destination.

Rebuilding after that was quite complex and required various upgrades as well, and took another week.

What are we doing about it?

We have now built a new server with our original, reliable provider Pipeten, also who have much better support, and this server is now capable of running the CMS system, and we have uploaded the data again. We have now also have the ability to use a better backup procedure that essentially mirrors the site once a day to a hot-standby, which can be switched over in case of problems.