Sequence Training Report December 2009

Martin Bird, EADA Sequence Rep, reports on EADA's first Sequence Training Day.  The second sequence training day will be held on 23rd May in Birmingham.

As snow hit much of England the weekend before Christmas, many Sequence dancers still braved the weather and made it to the EADA Sequence Training day, held in Willenhall.  Sadly with much of the North of England under snow, many couples had to withdraw, leaving them disappointed that they were not able to benefit from the top class coaches who joined us.  Luckily, none of the coaches were affected by the weather so we were still privileged to have with us 4 professionals throughout the day who were able to share their wealth of knowledge to the Sequence dancers.

The day started off with workshops for the children on the old time waltz and two step rhythms by Darren Park and Robert Aldred.  Then it was the adults turn learning how best to approach the Countess Waltz and Regis Waltz.  Of particular interest to competitors was the ‘common mistakes’ which adjudicators don’t like to see!  The children finished off with the inventor of the Windsor Glide, Kathy Thomson, leading the session on how best to dance this new, to the competitive syllabus, dance.   The parents left the hall happy in the knowledge that their children had benefited from a great value day, albeit at the price of some cold hands and feet!

The remainder of the day was given over to the adults, who benefited from Craig Bedwell and Kathy Thomson, lecturing on the required action and posture needed for success in the Two Step rhythm.  We finished off with Craig’s approach to modern sequence foxtrot.  The close connection with Ballroom; in relation to stance, swing, rise and fall, as well as timing, were all addressed in this final hour.   

With none of the couples having attended a Sequence training session before, everyone seemed to find the day very interesting and informative.  It was a great opportunity for most to socialise with fellow competitors and enjoy learning new approaches in such a relaxed environment.  Many thanks to all who attended and to the coaches for running such fantastic sessions.