Horsham March 2010

Competition Day at Horsham - 7 March 2010

By Fides Matzdorf
This was only the second time we made it to Horsham (since it’s such a long way to go for us), but, just like the first time, we found it was well worth it!

Due to road accidents and travel delays, some competitors arrived late, and we had a late start; but low entry numbers in the Junior and Juvenile events (only 2 couples in each category), and Jeanette’s efficiency at grouping ‘one couple only’ events together made up for some of the delay. In the end, we still left in daylight. There were 2 national ranking events, Senior I and II Latin. The fact that several couples danced in both events allowed for 3 rounds in SI and 2 in SII – we thought that was great and enjoyed being able to dance in several rounds!
The Senior Ballroom events were also well attended, and the Open Pre-championship event had two interesting couples, both of them exciting to watch and with lots of potential. Whilst the floor is on the small side for Ballroom, it feels good and is pleasant to dance on.
Jeanette has great skill in making people welcome and creating a friendly atmosphere. (If you attend one of her competitions and have a problem, go and talk to her – she does her best to help!) She has an eye for detail and style: for example, each of her helpers wore a pink flower, which made them easily identifiable whenever assistance or information was needed – a great idea! We like her approach to events where there is only one entry: she puts those couples on the floor with either another ‘sole couple’, or adds them to a two-couple event, which makes them feel less lonely and doesn’t waste adjudicators’ time – we would hope that this sets a good example for other promoters to follow...
Unfortunately, the hall will be closed for refurbishment in summer... we hope it will open again soon and look forward to our next visit. The only disadvantage was that we didn’t get home until midnight... but hey, that’s what you get for being a dance addict!