Reports from Barcelona

IVDO world dancesport: Reports are coming in from the Festival in Barcelona over Easter.  Full results are here
IDSF Report   clips of the Senior II and Pro comps will be appearig on Youtube soon
IPDSC Report
Reports from EADA members:
Report from Colin Adams
I thought i would let you know what a great time the seniors had in Sitges.  The sun shone and the town itself was lovely, very picturesque and right on the coast.  The comp was very well run with 2 floors, and large entry numbers, and the standard of dancing in all categories was very high! It was great to have a large English team, as we could support each other (very noisily at times!) in the various comps. There was also the opportunity for ten dance couples to dance many competitions over the weekend, due to the carefully timed schedule. There were many English successes in Ballroom and Latin, as you can see from the results on the website, and on the whole everyone had a very enjoyable time. Successes of note in the Latin section as follows:- Sandra and Colin Adams were placed 3rd in the Senior III Latin, so well done to them. Robin and Marrianne and Tony and Mandy made the Semi of the World Senior II. Steve and I were placed 13th (next into semi) in the Senior I Latin.
Hope we can get an English team together to do a similar trip very soon!
Sue Witherington
John Townsend & Sabine Kuntze competed for England in the IDSF Senior 1 during the Barcelona Dance Festival, which took place over Easter. The field was very
international with 31 couples from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany,
Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Russia. We reached the semi-final and
were placed 11th. The atmosphere was great, as not only the always very
vocal Spanish crowd caused a lot of noise, but also a rather sizeable number
of English Senior couples, who all attended the festival, provided vocal
support for everyone in their respective event. This was a fantastic showing
of England abroad and surely inspired all of us to do even better on home
soil as well as on future trips abroad. We shall not leave unmentioned that
Colin and Sandra Adams brought home the only trophy by being 3rd (out of 11)
in the S3 Latin and Steve and Sue Witherington were 13th (out of 56) in the
S1 Latin. It was great to have so many English couples present, and we hope lots of
others will follow suit and put England back on the international dancing
map !

Dan Baxter & Janine Desai and John Townsend &Sabine Kuntze competed as
well in Marseille, France on March 13th and were placed 7th and 8th
respectively out of a field of 33 couples
John Townsend
The matching suits worked brilliantly at the worlds and helped the real team spirit that we had in Sitges. The suits were also noted by other competitors as well as the organizers. The experience was amazing and we learned a lot which we are keen to use to improve for the worlds next year in Antwerp.

It was very interesting to see that abroad Senior 2 is really taking off and couples who are either former world class senior one competitors, or still are, are encouraged to dance both The top two competitors in the senior 2 Latin are both still at the top of senior one rankings. Also the latest crop of juvenile over 35s are coming through at Senior one level. The Latin winners here were amateurs last year. If only we could copy the there lead and get amateurs to come into senior.
Steve Holes