New benefit for members

Dave Turner is offering EADA members a discount on his mental coaching:

20% off DiSC Profiles to reveal your personality traits - usual price is £50 per profile report, EADA members can get them for £40 each.
Where a couple have their profiles done he will include a FREE Comparison Report (worth £50) and also a FREE 30 minute session to evaluate and go through the profiles (worth £30). Total package price for an EADA couple would be just £80 - an £100 saving.
DiSC Profiles reveal in amazing detail your personality traits in a particular context so you can understand more about what makes you tick as an individual. It’s a comprehensive 20 page document full of amazing insights in to how you have a propensity to behave and how that interacts with other personalities. Couples who have their DiSC profile done and reviewed with Dave get clarity on what motivates or stresses both them and their partner - this leads to clearer, more effective communication and the ability to support each other in the right way in the given situation.
It is ideal for couples who don't quite "get" how their partner operates in a particular context , ie practice, or on competition day. Also for couples who are finding it difficult to support or motivate each other, or even for those with the age old problem of arguing at practice! Once we understand how ourselves and our partner "ticks" - we can ensure that we communicate in precisely the right way to get the best out of each other.
Dave is fully qualified and certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a DiSC Certified Coach.
Dave offers a FREE taster session for everyone; text him on 07973 231504